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There are times when pet owners must call their vet. While most vets can't take every call that pet owners make, most of them have certified veterinary assistants who can, in most instances, give you information or set up an appointment for your pet. Listed below are good reasons to call your vet.

    • If your pet seems unusually short of breath.
    • Poor appetite for more than a few days
    • Increased appetite for more than a week, especially with weight loss.
    • Seizures or confulsions. Don't call; just go to vet immediately.
    • Weight loss without food restriction, especially with normal food intake.
    • Increased urination or sudden accidents in the home, difficulty urinating, or straining while urinating.
    • Excessive drinking for more than several days.
    • Any new growth on or under the skin.
    • Mouth pain
    • Vomiting more than three times. Go to the vet immediately if the vomit seems bloody or very dark. Cats can dehydrate very quickly and prompt veterinary care is a must.
    • Lameness that doesn't improve with rest over three or four days.
    • Diarrhea accompanied by listlessness for more than one day.
    • If diarrhea is blackish or brick red, this could indicate blood in the stool and you should take your cat immediately to a vet.
    • Increased itchiness or scratching.
    • Any change in the appearance of the eyes. If the cat seems to be in pain or there is a discharge from the eye, go to the vet immediately.
    • Mouth pain
    • Scratching ears, head shaking, ear rubbing, discharge or odor.

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