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Come meet the fur friends of Brandee, Dondee and Gatsby.

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Judy Frost of Arlington, VA is owned by Ayelet, Aliza-Yael, Avital ("Tali") and Achinoam ("Nomi")

Linda Garvey of Catalina Island, CA is owned by Sarabelle.

Dani Carriere of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is owned by Kinki.

Cleo Felix Loverboy Patience
Precious Smokey Sweetheart Molson

Jamie Larson who resides on Long Island (New York) is owned by Cleo, Felix, Loverboy, Patience, Precious, Smokey, Sweetheart and Molson

Wanda Aalbers of Southern California is owned by Benjamin and Judah.

Eden's Cats Eden's Cats

Eden Tuckman of Tallahassee, Florida is owned by Sadie, Sophie and Gatsby Jordan.

Diane Bell (diabella) of NYC is owned by Count Dracula, Katzenberg and Red Devil

Denise K. of NYC is owned by Betsy.

Marian Vitale of Houston, Texas is owned by Digit. Digit is a Dorito monster; he can't have just one.

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