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To become a member of The BratCats Top 50 Feline Sites List, your web site must meet the following criteria:

1.) Your site's content is primarily related to cats. Cat Owners, all animal shelters/rescues that care for and rehome cats are all welcome Responsible breeders are also welcome. All sites are reviewed to ensure content is appropriate.

2.) You have the ability to place a link on your page so that votes can be counted for your site. We provide you with the linking code after you sign up. This is the default image:

Voting Button

Use of the voting button image/banner is not required, however in order to track your votes you must place at least a text link (and for this you must have some knowledge of HTML. If you are not familiar with HTML coding, it's best to use the default HTML code, given when you join the list, for the voting button. When a visitor clicks on that link they will register a vote for your site and will be directed to The BratCats Top 50 Feline Sites list to view the other sites.

The more visitors that click on your link, the higher your site will rank on the list. Be creative in linking to the list and place the link on several pages of your site to get more votes.

On the sign up page you have the option to add a description of your site as well as a banner or image. The sign up form asks for your banner URL. If you are not sure of the URL of your image, or do not have your image posted anywhere, you can e-mail us the image you would like place on the list to If the "join page" is not working and you wish to join the list, please e-mail me.

If you have a web site that is hosted at Geocities, AOL, Tripod, Angelfire or another free web hosting service, your image may not show up due to their restriction of remote image viewing (hot-linking). If you have your page hosted at Geocities etc. you can email us the banner or image you would like to use and we will host it for you.

If you do not have a banner for your website, you can have lots of fun creating your own free banners at these banner-makers: Crecon Banner Creator, Free Annimated Banners and Add Designer