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Oreo is about 12 years old and has been with The Pet Rescue League ("PAL") since his capture in 1991. He has a long, interesting history and it was very difficult rescuing him, but once he was captured, he quickly earned the love and trust of all of the other cats in the shelter. According to PAL, Oreo is a very sweet, loving boy who is the center of their colony. All of the other cats adore him; he seems to give off vibes that inexplicably attract other animals to him.

Because Oreo has a heart murmur and very bad allergies (which requires ongoing medical care), PAL decided that he should live out the rest of his life with them.

If you would like to sponsor a cat or dog, please visit The Pet Action League and see what you can do to help. Each pet you sponsor is only $20 per year, and think of all the good you will be doing.

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