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  Ever see these little "VOTE FOR ME" buttons on some websites? When you click on them it moves that site closer to the top of the list. This is a great way to advertise and get traffic to your site. To see what the BratCats Top Sites List looks like click here. Do you have a webpage for or about animals? Are you an animal lover? If so, we would love you to join!


1) Your site needs to be approved by us and the voting button must be on your page before we can add your site to our list. Any site missing a voting button after 5 days of joining will be deleted from our system and you will need to rejoin. If you do not intend to add the voting button and leaving it on your website, please do not join.

2) Votes are monitored on this list.
NO vote exchanges - Do not list your site with Vote Exchange Boards where people vote for you from a site other than directly from your own website. You may join VE Boards that add your one-stop voting page to their Board (thus having VE supporters go to your website to vote for your site.
NO automatic voting codes - The votes must only come from the webpage you have placed the voting button on and may not come from e-mail attachments. Automatic voting codes placed on websites which force all visitors to automatically vote for your site will be removed. If we suspect anyone of cheating on this list, their site will be deleted with no further notice.


1) Just click on the "submit your site" button below and fill in the info thats needed to join. If you get an error message do not click again...your application will go through.

2) When you're done filling in the info, click on the "join" button and you will get the page with your customized HTML code. This is the code for your voting button and you will need to copy and paste this code into your page(s) in order to accumulate any votes for your site. It is best to place the button on your most visited page(s), (ex: main page, links, vote-for-us) for the most votes. If you get an Internal Error Message when you submit your information, DO NOT join again. TSL is having server problems but entries are being received by me in spite of the error message. If you do not hear back from me within 24 hours, please e-mail me but do not join again.
AOL USERS: You need to copy the HTML code from this page that comes up when you join, and not from the e-mail you will receive, as AOL distorts HTML codes in the mail.

3) If you have any problems joining, just e-mail me at

Please DO NOT sign up for this list unless you intend to add our voting link/icon to at least one page on your website!!!

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