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Linda Garvey of Catalina Island, California was owned by Bartacus.

In 1986, Linda and John Garvey saw a notice on a bulletin board: TINY KITTIES NEED GOOD HOMES, went home and dialed the phone number that was given.

Linda recognized the voice of an old neighbor who explained how her gentle, indoor-only tortie had gone into heat and got out for the first time and came home pregnant.

Linda and John went to look at the kittens and John couldn't resist the little Bartacus, who rolled over and gazed right into his eyes, tiny paws sticking upward! Also, as you probably guessed by now, all three kittens -- Bartacus, Sarabelle and Megan -- went home with them.

Bartacus suddenly became ill and a few months ago passed on to Rainbow Bridge. The timing could not be worse for Linda Garvey as she lost her beloved John as well.

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