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My name is Maxine Hellman and I live in New York City with my three cats. I love to travel and have touched foot on every continent. Nothing compares to traveling to new places and meeting and experiencing different cultures and their people. The memories of your trips will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, travel is no longer an option because I would not enjoy myself knowing that my pets were being boarded. I love animals and this home page is dedicated to my pets and their fur friends.

I had a Pekingese named Cream Puff for 12-1/2 years before she left for the Bridge. Because I always have to have at least one pet in my life, I went to the Humane Society where I adopted a 10-month old male cat named Buck. Buck was born with neurological damage and a spinal deformity. Unfortunately, he was only with me one year before he joined Cream Puff at the Bridge. More about the Bridge and some of its residents later.

My neighbor had, for years, tried to talk me into getting a cat. Although I always liked cats, I never entertained the thought of actually getting one. When Buck went to the Bridge, this neighbor once again approached me saying that it was a good time to think about adopting another cat. She volunteers for two cat rescue groups and said that we would have access to cats of all shapes, colors and sizes. The idea was very appealing and although I knew in my heart that Cream Puff and Buck could never be replaced, I was ready to consider another cat. Diane telephoned her rescue friends, Philip Gonzales, (author of the book, "Ginny: The Dog Who Rescues Cats") and his partner, Sheilah Harris. On January 4, 1997 they picked us up and took us to their vet in Long Beach, New York, where Brandee and Marlee were caged and waiting for new homes. I fell in love with them immediately, and so began the saga of.......


The BratCats

The BratCat Pages...
Brandee Marlee
Dondee Gatsby
Cream Puff Buck
The Story of
Rainbow Bridge
Bridge Babies
Cats We Sponsor Animal Rights
Meet our Fur Friends Declawing
Grooming or Torture? Spay/Neuter Page
What We Did To Rodney My Name Is Sam
The Loneliest Victim How Could You?
I Could Never Work Here Coming Soon
Feline Diseases
and Disorders
Free To A Good Home
Choosing a Vet Should Kitty Be
Allowed Outside?
Are You Allergic
To Cats?
Cat Litterbox Problems
Plants And Substances That
Can Hurt Your Cat
When To Call The
Cigarettes and Your Pets Does Your Cat Have
Bad Breath
Hot Weather Tip For Cats Is Your Cat Overweight
Questions To Ask Yourself
Before Adopting a Cat
Feline Vaccination Schedule
Your Cat's Seven
Pet Peeves
Seven Questions To
Ask Your New Kitten
Links & Credits Awards Won
Web Rings Our Cyberkitty Adoptions
Win an Award
from The BratCats
Join The Keeper Of
The Stars Webring
Euthanasia Join The
BratCats Webring
First Aid Kit For Cats Join The Catlovers Against
Declawing Webring
Disaster Kit For Cats Join The Bridge Babies
Memorial Webring
A Cat Inspirational Join The Animal Rescue
& Foster Care Webring
Famous Cat Lovers Join The Save Innocent Lives--
Spay & Neuter Webring
Cat Quotes Join The
Ring Of Geocities Cats
Poems Join The Groovy
Gray Kitties Webring
Coming Soon Join The Free Pets
To A Good Home Webring
Did You Know... Join The Pet Messages
With Meaning Webring
Join The BratCats Top 50
Feline Sites List
Join The BratCats Top 50
Feline Sites Webring
Join The BratCats
Top Animal Sites List
Join The
Pets 'R Us Webring
Cat Astrology Join The We Love
Our Pets Webring
Bannerama How Do You Say Kitty?
Age Comparison Chart Cat Facts
Feline Personalities The Pets Bill of Rights
Why Cats Are Better
Than Men
Creation and Cats
What Cats Do For us Top Ten Signs
Your Cat Has Learned Your
Internet Password
Why Cats Are Better
Than People
How To Give Your Cat A Pill
Dealing With Stray Cats Are You A Cat Addict?
Why Cats Have Everything Cat To English Dictionary
Cat Miracle Diet Cat Superstitions
Does Your Cat Own You? Ten Commandments For
Responsible Pet Ownership
How Cats Predict
The Weather
Ten Things A Cat
Thinks About
Things You Can Learn
From Your Cat
Where Do Pets Come From?
Reasons To Own Cats
Over Dogs
A Prayer For Animals
Declaration of Independence
For Animals
Rules Of Ettiquette
For Inexperienced Cats
Important Things Every Cat
Should Know
Top 14 Signs Your Kitty May
be Planning To Kill You
Bathing Your Cat What Is A Cat?
The Legend of Maneki Neko
The 10 CATmandments
No Wonder Your Cat Needs
An Annual Physical
Case Of The Creeping Cat
Cat Poop Cookies Kitty Litter Cake
Clubs and Affiliations The Purrfect Pet Quiz
Test Your Cat Vocabulary Can You Afford To Relocate?
Organ Donation Awareness Time Capsule
Incredibly Useless Facts Personality Quiz: How
Others See You
BratCat Graphics Bill Hall's Cat Tales
Lilley Pad Candles and Soaps Belinda's BMK Designs
Online Store
Diabella's Custom 10-
Piece Banner Sets
Hex Color Chart
V.E. Boards I Belong To Vote For Us

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