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Nancy Potter was owned by Bo

When someone you love becomes a memory, they say that memory becomes a treasure....

That may be true but Bo was my treasure every day for almost 16 years. On April 30, 1983 I watched him be born, the runt of the litter none the less. But he didn't stay that way long and grew to be my stong and healthy best friend and companion. No words could ever describe the depth of the bond that Bo and I shared and he was truely my soulmate. Bo was the most gentle, loving kitty you could ever find and I often said if Bo were human he would have been a Southern Gentleman! Bo wasn't much of a talker but he spoke volumes with his eyes and I always knew how he was doing by just looking into them. My favorite nickname for Bo was "Sweetie" and even when he was being ornery or not wanting to be found he would always come to that endeared name. I miss my baby so much but the memories are as vivid as if it were today....that handsome face waiting at the window as I drove into the driveway, that special cock of his head as he'd head for the door, and hugs and kisses that so many times drove away my tears. The way he would sit by his favorite toy (a kitty tease) until I played with him first thing in the morning and when I came home. Bo's favorite wicker chair and the way he'd cuddle with me every night. We were a pair - Bo and I - and the years with him were priceless and will be treasured in my heart forever.

One promise I always made to Bo was that I would always be with him til the end. All too soon age crept up on us and even tho Bo fought hard through many of the usual illnesses and diseases that befall our furry friends in their senior years, he was not strong enough to fight the cancer that had invaded his body and stilled my soul. On October 12, 1998 after spending the day with my "Sweetie" telling him how I loved him and recalling memories of our years together we made our way to the vet who had known Bo almost all his life. And as I had promised I held Bo in my arms telling him I loved him as the angels came to take him to the Rainbow Bridge. A part of me left with Bo that day never to be again until I meet him again. But Bo's spirit is with me daily and he has now become my angel and my inspiration. Nancy Potter

Reflections of Bo

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