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Brandi Bear

Especially loved and missed by Dot Karcher.

In memory of...

Dear Father above in heaven,
Someone I love so dear,
Has taken flight to Rainbow Bridge,
Please greet her when she gets there.

You loaned me a precious angel,
Who became my heart and soul,
For ten short years she shared my life
I watched as she grew old.

My heart was breaking badly,
that last day she was here,
I held her close and kissed her
My heart was filled with tears.

I felt her pain, she was so sick
I prayed to you each day,
But Father, why did you have to,
Take my Brandi away?

God I loved her dearly,
She was my shining star,
She brightened every dark path
no matter near or far.

And now my baby's gone from me,
I'll see her face no more,
Until the day I step upon,
Your golden rainbow shore.

Please keep her safe and happy,
And tell her I miss her so,
Please give her hugs and kisses
From her Mommy down below.

Please tell her that I'm sorry
I couldn't take away her pain,
But tell her I sure love her
And I'll be with her again.

When my work on earth is through
I'll hold my child once more,
For Father you sent me an angel
An angel that I adore.

And when my time to leave this earth
Becomes reality,
Please send that precious angel,
To guide me home to Thee.

And when we are reunited,
at the Rainbow Bridge above,
Please Father, never keep us,
From our everlasting love.

I want to keep my Brandi,
For all eternity,
I treasure that sweet angel,
That You chose to give to me.

I may not have birthed her body,
But my soul did birth her soul,
And when you took her home with You,
You took a part of me as well.

Please Lord, tell my precious Brandi Bear her Mommy loves her with all of her heart and soul.

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