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You know that tobacco is hazardous to your health, and the health of those humans around you. But what about your pets? Are you aware that cats breathe twice as fast as people, and therefore are all the more effected when breating in secondhand cigarette smoke? Cats with breathing difficulties will suffer all the more if they live with a smoker.

A recent study from a well respected Colorado doctor showed that long-nosed dogs such as collies and German shepherds are twice as likely to develop cancer of the nose if they live with a person who smokes. Nasal cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer of the respiratory system in dogs.

Did you also know that the average cat or dog could die after eating one to five cigarettes? Swallowing a cigarette is so dangerous that it could take no more than a few minutes to kill your pet! Signs of nicotine poisoning are: rapid breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, coma, and cardiac arrest. If you suspect that your pet has eaten a cigarette, call your veterinarian immediately--this could be a matter of life and death.

Common sense tells us that keeping your pet away from tobacco and ciagrette smoke is a good idea. So don't let your family or friends smoke in your house. And if you are a smoker, your pet's health is one more good reason to quit!

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