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Dusty Sleeping

Especially loved and missed by Flo

Our Dusty...

Dusty was a sweet big boy. He weighed 21 pounds. A lot of love to hold and cuddle with. Every night he would come up on the bed and I would hold him. I still leave a space for him.

He was a good boy as well as a friend. His brother Levi misses his friend, they were together for the whole 6 years.

Dusty had a great personality, nothing bothered him. He would look at you as to say all I want from you is love and I have plenty to give back to you in return. And that he did.

We don't know why Dusty had to leave us so suddenly that night except that they must have needed a special angel right away at the bridge. And Dusty is and always will be our special Angel.

We miss our sweet boy and will think of him always until we meet again.

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