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The graphic below is just so funny! I couldn't stop laughing when it was circulated as an e-mail! I just had to forward it to everyone I knew. I was literally rolling on the floor laughing. Shame on Maxine! Free-To-A-Good-
Home funny? Very far from it. I'm not laughing anymore. Read on....

Free To A Good Home
[If anyone knows who the above graphic belongs to, please let
me know so that I can give credit or remove it. Thank you.]

Free-To-A-Good-Home Ads

"Free To A Good Home" ads are found in the classified section of most newspapers. People might have honorable intentions when placing these ads but these advertisements are extremely dangerous. Animal abusers frequently obtain animals through these ads. They look for small animals such as kittens, rabbits, gerbils, mice and hamsters. These animals are "adopted" to be fed to snakes and are also used as bait for training dogs to fight. Many are sold to laboratories for cruel and inhumane experimentation.

Animal Brokers

The FDA has brokers looking for animals for laboratories. This is perfectly legal! However, there is a catch. Any animals turned into a laboratory for experimenting must first be checked and scanned to see if there are an identifying tattoos or microchips; if there are, they cannot use that animal. When all is said and done, is this law enforced? I think not. These laboratories have tunnel vision and they don't care whether or not an animal is, or was, someone's loving pet.

Never give your animals away to anyone unless you know them personally. If this is not possible, why not ask for a reasonable donation -- a check made out to your (or their) favorite charity. Any person with good intentions will respect you for this and understand your reasoning one hundred percent. If there are any problems, this is a red signal to promptly end the visit.

Brother Ellis

As if all of the above isn't enough, a new horror is in our midst. I'm sure you all know that I am talking about a monster known as Brother Ellis and he's brought his "appetite" with him! Brother Ellis first hit the internet with his website, PAW (People Against Waste). The site was a horrifying experience boasting of his movement to use strays to feed everyone. This site went so far as to give instructions for skinning animals and recipes as well. He stressed that labradors were the meatiest and kittens were the most succulent.

An outrage quickly resulted in the PAW website being removed from several servers, Geocities and Xoom, among them and now NetTrash and Free Speech Organization. BUT Brother Ellis doesn't give up and, no doubt, he will be back again on another server. If you'd like to read more about Brother Ellis, please check out Judy Myers' PAW page.

Better yet, please take a few minutes to view this short five-minute movie film which is worth more than a thousand words: Free To Good Home.


In essence, be sure to adopt to someone you know or who was referred to you. Be sure to ask for, and get, a donation. Why not? You've cared enough for this animal to try and find it a good home and for that reason alone you are entitled to the donation.

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