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There seems to be a lot of controversy on whether or not cats should be allowed outdoors. I don't approve of this under any circumstances. There are many who feel that cats were meant to be free and it's cruel to keep them indoors. It is also a fact that indoor cats are both healthier and happier cats. Most animal shelters and rescue groups today ask those adopting cats to keep them indoors. While being outdoors might be fun for a cat, listed below are some of the dangers outdoor cats are exposed to:

  • Outdoor cats can pick up fleas and ticks.
  • Outdoor cats are very likely to get into street fights and require veterinary care. They can contract communicable diseases such as rabies, feline Aids and feline leukemia from feral cats and other wild animals. Declawed cats should never be allowed outside.
  • Outdoor cats, especially in heavy-traffic areas, are in danger of being hit by a moving vehicle.
  • Outdoor cats can get lost.
  • Outdoor cats can ingest poison and/or drink antifreeze. Also, many neighbors are angry when cats dig up their garden and relieve themselves in their yard. On my block, there are two homeowners who sprinkle rat poison on their lawns to rid themselves of strays. Both of them claim that they saw rats and, therefore, rat poison is allowed.
  • Ourdoor cats kill birds and other wildlife. I don't think there is anyone who would encourage their cat(s) to destroy a helpless bird, field mouse or even a rat. Indoor cats can't harm other species (except for mice, of course).

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