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I have been sponsoring for about 10 years. While I would love to have a house full of cats, it just isn't possible. For me, sponsoring is the next best thing. All no-kill animal shelters and rescue groups need help in caring for unadoptable pets, so they can live out their lives in peace, with proper diet and veterinary care. Most of these groups have a sponsoring program whereby you can help defray their costs by sponsoring one or more strays. Each group is different insofar as the cost of sponsoring but if you decide to become a sponsor, you will periodically (usually quarterly) receive a photo and biography of your pet. There will be more information on how you too can become a sponsor. You must remember that your sponsorship allows these pets to be cared for... the alternative would be euthanization. Your contributions are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

These are the kitties we sponsor:

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