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  • The Keeper Of The Stars Award
  • The Purrr-severance Award
  • The Wow Meow Award
  • We Know You Care Award

  • In order to win a BratCats award, your site must be appropriate for all ages, contain no pornography or sexual content, or show any kind of animal/human abuse (violence or discrimination). The Keeper Of The Stars and Purrr-severance awards have very specific requirements. Please do not apply for them if your site does not qualify. Also, please be sure to put the name of the award(s) you are applying for in the E-mail subject line. I delete a lot of mail of unknown origin without reading it. Last but not least, it can't hurt to sign our guest book and one is provided for you under the nagigational buttons on this page. I visit every site that signs the guest book and many BratCat awards are given without being requested. These are the most valued awards of all. By clicking on the NEXT buttons, you can find out if your sites qualify for these awards.

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    Purr-Severence Award designed by Lisa J. Kelly
    Keeper of the Stars Award designed by Nancy's Web Page Design
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    Wow Meow Award designed by Nancy's Web Page Design
    We Know You Care Award designed by Belinda Sauro of Be-Mi-Kitties