"Living On Love"

An annual checkup for your cat(s) is a good idea. Many diseases and disorders found in the early stages are much easier to control. Your veterinarian can diagnose many problems even before symptoms appear.

However,on a lighter note, here's the real reason your cat should have an annual physical:

During the last year:

  1. He unrolled 100 yards of toilet paper;
  2. got ear mites;
  3. got rid of them;
  4. got them back again;
  5. fell 15 feet from the upstairs handrail;
  6. got into three fights with other cats;
  7. hid under the couch for a week;
  8. got his tail caught in the screen door;
  9. barely escaped the neighbor boy;
  10. got into the garbage three times;
  11. stayed out all night;
  12. twice coughed up two hairballs;
  13. ate half a plant;
  14. drank out of the toilet;
  15. climbed into the dryer;
  16. ate two dozen bugs;
  17. ate two mice.

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