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I bought Cream Puff over the Memorial Day weekend of 1983 when she was 10 weeks old. I was waiting for a bus into Manhattan, when I saw her in the window of Puppy City. She looked just like a ball of fur and I couldn't even tell what breed she was. I named her Cream Puff. Guess I was hooked the minute I saw and named her but I didn't know it then. However, I had no intention of tying myself down with a dog and when the bus came, I bid Cream Puff farewell.

How did my day of bargain shopping go? I went into Manhattan looking for a china closet, but couldn't concentrate on anything except that little ball of fur in the pet shop. An earlier-than-usual bus back to Brooklyn got me to Puppy City just before closing time. I found out that Cream Puff was a pekingnese and that another woman saw her and went home to get her husband. Good sales pitch, eh? I bought Cream Puff on the spot and just as I was getting my receipt, in walked the woman and her husband. There was a real commotion because they didn't hold Cream Puff until her husband got there to look at the puppy. Anyway, that precious bundle was mine! Well I didn't get my china closet but I did get something Chinese--my pekingnese, Cream Puff!

Cream Puff was not 100% canine; she was definitely a little person in a fur coat. She was as precocious as can be and understood every word anyone said to her. She proved over and over again that she "really" did understand what she heard. Everyone loved Cream Puff, children and adults alike, and Cream Puff loved everyone. She had a special love for the elderly and for a few years, the two of us would visit a local old age home to give some of her love to the elderly. She was extremely welcome there and made the faces of many residents light up on Thursday nights.

Cream Puff also loved cats. She would drag me all over the neighborhood showing me where the stray cats were. She would occasionally pick out a cat that she wanted me to take home. I didn't want any cats and we'd go home with Cream Puff sulking. For hours she would give me her special mini bark, over and over again, as punishment for not taking the stray kitty home with us. I just learned to turn her off because after an hour or so, that bark would really wear on my nerves. The next morning she would be her old self again until another stray cat appeared that she wanted as her own.

I had the pleasure of sharing my life and home with Cream Puff for almost 13 years. At the age of 12, she slowed down considerably and lost some weight. A few visits to her vet showed nothing wrong; the vet was glad that she lost a couple of pounds because she was 12 pounds and toy breeds should be under 10 pounds. My thinking was that she was getting older and slowing down was natural. A few months before her thirteenth birthday, she had a seizure. The vet said it was epilepsy but I knew it was more than that. On the second trip to the vet, I insisted on diagnostic testing because the seizures were very frequent and more severe. Each seizure left her more debilitated. If she had epilepsy, she would return to normal after each seizure ended. This was not the case. All tests came back negative. Two days later, Cream Puff was nearly dead. She was not able to move and she was on my bed with her urine and feces oozing out of her. Another trip to the vet--this time to once again say farewell to Cream Puff. I was with her until the very end. I held her in my arms as she left for the Bridge and part of me died with her. My consolation is that she is now at the Bridge and there are plenty of kitties there that she can pamper and call her own.

Goodbye my little darling. You will be forever in my thoughts. I have no doubt that you are now soaring with the angels and looking after all of the kitties at the Bridge. Love, Mommy.


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