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Cross Stitch of Dondee
by The Lilley Pad

You Ought To Be In Pictures Award

Because I had so many problems with Marlee and Brandee, I decided to get another cat as a companion for Brandee. Many people I considered authorities on cats advised me to bring another cat or two into my home to distract Brandee and give Marlee some peace. On May 6, 1997, I adopted Dondee from the Kings Highway Cat Rescue in Brooklyn, New York. I spent several hours at the KHCR with the many kittens and cats they had for adoption. I picked out a five week old torbie kitten and they were to advise me when she would be old enough to go home with me. However, Dondee, who is a blue creme tabby, had no itentions of letting me go home without her. She charmed her way into my heart and this little cutie went home with me that same day. She was about a year old and weighed six pounds. She was, and is, a real little darling and loves to lay in my arms, on her back (like a baby). She's loves to talk to me every morning when I am in the shower and is energetic, full of the devil, and just delicious. She adores Brandee and follows her around like a shadow. Fortunately for me, the feeling is mutual between Brandee and Dondee. And, oh yes, Dondee is now the dominant cat in our home and Brandee relinquished her throne with love and dignity.

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