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OK Brandee, keep your distance

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Marlee was about 18 months old when I brought her home on January 4, 1997. She weighed about 8 pounds and was an adorable gray and white tuxedo with the cutest little face. I called her my little stuffed toy and she quickly established herself as my favorite little girl--my magnificent obsession. She was very timid and shy, almost to the point of being semi-feral. She spent most of her time under the bed and only came out at night to eat and use the litter box. She was a very good girl when it came to using her scratching post, never using the furniture. She was a very picky eater and only ate dry cat food. Actually, Brandee never allowed her to eat the Fancy Feast canned food. She did not get along well with Brandee and they were constantly fighting with one another. How Marlee loved the computer. If I wanted to get her to come out from under the bed, all I had to do was turn on the computer. She loved it. She would come over to me, rub against me and the computer. She would take my hand between both of her paws and rub it against her face. She was just adorable, lovable and delicious. Unfortunately, Marlee hated Brandee and the newcomer, Dondee, and is no longer living with us. Sometimes love means "letting go" and I finally had to make a choice to let Marlee go. I knew she would be living with her rescuer and would have the peace she deserved. I don't know what fate would have been in store for Brandee, had I decided to give her up and keep Marlee. Marlee is now back with Sheilah Harris and doing very well. Her best pal is Jean Claude, Sheilah's sheltie!

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