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Are you an organ donor? Do you know that donating an organ(s) means saving the life of another human being? Listed below are some suggestions for us all to help promote organ donation. please feel free to e-mail me with any other ideas that you might have. I am sure there are many that I haven't thought of.

  • Get people asking the question, "Are you an organ and tissue donor?
  • Remind family, friends and co-workers to share their decision to be a donor with their family so that there will be no question later. Remember, it's not enough to sign a donor card or the back of a drivers' license. Your legal next-of-kin will be asked to sign consent for donation at the time of your death.
  • Put an organ and tissue donation bumper sticker on your car. Wear a T-shirt, hat or even shoelaces with a message about organ donation--it's a great conversation starter!
  • Put posters on bulletin boards or in windows of laundromts, libraries,doctors' offices, grocery stores, fast-food restaurants and suppermarket bulletin boards in your community.
  • Promote donation through newsletters produced by your company, church, neighborhood or civic associations newsletters. If you have had a personal experience with organ and tissue donation and transplantation, you can volunteer to speak to these groups or ask a representative from your local coalition.
  • Ask employers and businesses to use payroll or bill stuffers about organ and tissue donation.
  • Get involved in your community through your local coalition. An organized, consistent approach will be most effective in increasing the number of organ and tissue donors and saveing lives.
  • Make a financial contribution to a national or local efforts to educate the public and increase organ and tissue donation. Contact the Coalition on Donation or your local coalition for details.
    • Here are some suggestions to promote organ donation awareness in your community:

      • Speak at community functions such as service organizations (Elks, Kiwanis, VFW, and Lions Club), school (PTA, functions, nursery through college), scouting clubs (Boy/Girl Scouts, 4H, Camp Fire), religions functions (church/synagogue).
      • Wear items such as TRIO's green lapel ribbons or articles such as buttons, shirts, or hats that have a donation message on them.
      • Display answers to commonly asked questions about donation at your local merchants (bank, florist, grocery store, supermarket, malls, pharmacy).
      • Appear on local TV cable network or speak on radio talk show.
      • Walk in parades and walk-a-thons and run in marathons wearing clothing that publicizes organ and tissue donation.
      • Run an advertisement in your newspaper, trade magazine or church bulltin.
      • Put a donation bumper sticker on your car, child's stroller and bicycle.
      • Write an editorial for your local newspaper discussing organ and tissue donation.
      • Write to your local congressman and other government officials.
      • Set up a program with your employer to promote donation (for example, including organ/tissue donor cards in payroll envelopes).
      • Organize a bowling tournament, weightlifting competition or golfing event to promote awareness.
      • Ask your neighborhood distributors (Tupperware, Amway, Shaklee, Mary kay, Avon) to enclose donation information in their brochures and with orders being filled.
      • Send donor cards with your correspondence (letters, bill payments, holiday greetings, birthday cards, business letters).
      • Ask local merchants to add information on their sales register receipts.
      • Implement a program with your mass transit, bridge or highway authority.
      • Ask local movie theaters to display information on the movie screen during the intermission.
      • Ask hospital officials to display information in hospital emergency rooms, cafeterias and clinics.
      • Have a ceremony to plant a donor memorial garden and publicize the event.
      • Post information at your library, community center, house of worship, supermarket, post office or other public places.
      • Hand out donor cards at your local race track, carnival, grocery store, supermarket, amusement park, concert, or theater.
      • Ask everyone to discuss organ donation with their families and share their decision. Organ donation: i's the opportunity of a lifetime!

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