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The Keeper of the Stars Ring

This ring is open to ALL pet lovers who meet our qualifications. To join this ring, you must have a site that is based on your pet(s). All sites will be reviewed before being added to the ring. All sites must be family friendly. The Keeper Of The Stars apply to those who devote their efforts to animal welfare/shelter/rescue, and especially to those who adopt these strays and give them a second chance at life. The only prerequisite for joining this ring is that you must have been awarded the BratCats Keeper Of The Stars Award. If you don't have it, you will have to apply for the award first. It is not easy to win this award and that is why this webring will have a very elite group. If you would like to be considered for the award, please visit my awards page

HOW TO JOIN: (Please read!)

This ring is only for winners of the Keeper of the Stars Award. If you are already a winner, please fill in the following form. Once you add yourself to the queue, you will be mailed the correct ring fragment to be added to your page. Please take note of your ID and password, you will need them in the future if you choose to edit your site info. The page that you list here MUST be the page that contains the ring code, don't list your main page unless that is the page the code is on - this is VERY important. Save a copy of each of the two ring graphics to your own server (this is a must)

Once your fragment is up on your page, please notify me at Please remember to send me your ID number and URL so I can visit your page. I will come and check your page and html fragment and if it is correct and you meet the requirement, you will be added to the ring. Remember, filling out this form only adds you to the queue, you must first have the html fragment up and running on your page before you will be added to the ring. Sites only stay in the queue for 7 days before they are deleted, so please add the fragment within that time. If you are deleted it doesn't mean you can't join, it only means you need to reapply.

Special notice for people on AOL AOL members may have problems receiving the code via e-mail. This is because of the way AOL mail hides HTML. If you have this problem, please come back to this page after adding yourself to the queue, you can either copy the code listed here and edit it for your information OR go to the section to "Edit your site information", enter your new ID and password and the webring will generate a page that contains your site info along with the HTML code. E-mail me if you continue to have problems.

BEFORE you save the graphics through AOL, you need to go to MEMBERS, PREFERENCES, WWW and be sure that "uncompressed graphics" is selected. If not, when you upload the graphics to your site they will only be viewable by people on AOL, not the rest of us. I will not add a site to the ring that has broken image symbols for the ring graphics.

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Save a copy of each of below ring graphics to your own server. Please do not change or distort these images.

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