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If you would like to memorialize your bridge kitty, please send me a photograph and the
narrative you would like added, as well as your e-mail address, url and banner, if you have one.


Laurelyn Douglas of Teaneck, New Jersey was owned by Isabelle


Judy Outlaw of Louisiana was owned by Jasper. Although Judy has many more cats who currently own her, there is still a void in her heart caused by Jasper's passing to the Bridge.

Jamie Larson was owned by Monkeyman. Many of us shared in the heartache Jamie felt when Monkeyman passed on to the Bridge.

Tim McCloskey of Silver Spring, Maryland was owned by Jasper. Jasper left behind his companion cat, Boots, and Tim recently adopted two new kitty companions for Boots. Lucky little kitties!

Dani Carriere of Winnipeg, Canada, was owned by Starr and Squeak.


Diane Bell (diabella) of NYC was owned by Handsome. How many cats let you dress them?

Marian Vitale of Houston, Texas was owned by Miss Pearl.


Diane Forrester of Bonaire, GA was owned by Squeaker. Diane says, "Squeaker taught me how to love with heart and soul, and without fear."

Ricky Cloosy
Linda Garvey of Catalina Island, CA was owned by Ricky and Cloosy.


Judith van Schaik of Holland was owned by Llwella. Judith says Llewella was her life.

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