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The Free Pets to Good Homes Webring

This ring is for anyone and everyone who wishes to support responsible adopting of kittens,puppies or any adult pets. In many cases, these pets are handed out free to anyone who shows up asking for one. Many of these pets are sold to laboratories for unnecessary and cruel experimentation, fattened up as a free food source to the very poor, or just given to someone who might, in turn, abuse the animal. Anyone who has the responsibility of finding new homes for kittens and puppies or even adult pets must be sure to carefully interview the prospective adopter and also ask for a donation. If you don't feel comfortable keeping the donation, ask the adopter to make it out to any animal charity. Anyone wanting these pets for the wrong reason(s) will be unwilling to leave a donation. This is a clear indication warranting the end of the interview. Also, be sure to ask prospective adopters for personal references (one from a veterinarian) before giving them a pet. Joining this ring is one way, you'll be helping this cause get much needed exposure).

Joining this webring is easy; just follow these steps:

Step 1:
Save/download and upload/FTP one of these ring graphics to your server. If you do not use the default graphic at the top of this page (FreeKittens.jpg), be sure to change the graphic name in the HTML fragment to FreePuppies.jpg or it will not display on your website.

Step 2:
Fill out the form below completely to submit your site to the queue. Be sure that the url you place on the application is the same exact url the HTML fragment will be on. I do not have time to browse around looking for the fragment

Step 3:
Insert the HTML Fragment into your page, making sure the correct graphic name for your chosen ringlogo is in your code fragment. Be aware that sites only stay in the queue for 7 days, so please be prompt!!

Step 4:
Ask the ring manager to add you to the ring! Let me know your url and site I.D.

ATTENTION: IF YOU ARE ON AOL, before you download the image, please go to MEMBERS, PREFERENCES and WWW and make sure your graphics are set to "uncompressed" so when you upload the image to your page, it will be able to be seen by everyone, not just people on AOL! I will not admit anyone to the ring unless a graphic shows up on the ring!

AOL MEMBERS: You will not be able to receive the ring fragment via e-mail because AOL distorts HTML. However, once you know your Site I.D. number, scroll down this page and enter your Site I.D. number and password in the Member Edit Area and it will bring up your customized HTML code for you. Be sure your e-mail address and Site I.D. appears correctly in the code. You can E-mail me if you need assistance.

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