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        Diabetes Mellitus

In is not at all uncommon for cats to be diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, and while it strikes mostly older cats, there have been instances when young adult cats become diabetic. Unfortunately, there are no oral diabetes medications for our feline friends and they must be injected one or more times a day with insulin and have changes made to their diets. Only your veterinarian can work out a plan for your cat and it can be very time consumming and discouraging at first. Eventually, however, your cat will be regulated and will feel much better. Owners of cats with diabetes are shown how to inject the insulin and after an adjustment period, most cats become used to it and accept it as a way of life. Symptoms to look out for that might indicate diabetes mellitus are increased thirst, increased appetite, weight loss, and increased urination. If your cat has undergone routine blood workups, your veterinarian may have noticed an elevated blood sugar level and with regular visits, can diagnose this disease before it become debilitating. Diabetes can be a nasty disorder (I know--I have it) but the good news is that it can be controlled!

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