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        Liver Disease

Liver disease is more common in cats (and dogs) than one might think! I personally know of two dogs and one cat suffering from advanced liver disease. My sister's mini schnauzer died from a liver-related disease. The unfortunate thing about liver disease in animals (as well as humans, for that matter) is that the symptoms are so very vague.

Some of the symptoms that can be liver-related are a swollen/distended stomach, lethargy, loss of appetite, anemia, vomiting, jaundice and unexplained weight loss.

Only your veterinarian can determine if the above symptoms are liver-related and because the symptoms are so vague, it can take months or even years for such a diagnosis. There is no cure, but a special diet and medication can eliminate or reduce the symptoms and keep kitty relatively comfortable for awhile. As with humans, liver conditions, or any other diseases, progress at different rates in different individuals.

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